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With the onset of plague in Dobrinj area in mid 19th century, st. Rok began to be worshipped in Šilo.

Votive procession starts each 16th August from Polje towards the church in Šilo and it has become the basis of commemorating Šilo Day which is celebrated on the day this saint was worshipped in the middle of the epidemic by our ancestors.
Šilo Day, Rokova (St. Rocco’s Day) starts with morning reveille at 7 o’clock, by pulling of special fishing net “migavica” and preparation of the caught fish, which is served to all visitors with a glass of “žlahtina” wine. It continues with the above-mentioned procession in the afternoon hours and it is concluded with a party and fireworks.
There is an accompanying event, a century- long “Swimming Marathon Šilo- Crikvenica” held in the eve of Rokova, on the holiday of Assumption of Our Lady, organized by Tourist Board of Crikvenica and starting in Šilo.

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